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MyMyk SMARTLYNK overview


SmartLynk is a compact, portable/on-camera, two-channel mixer and monitoring device, giving the results of a professional audio production rig at a fraction of the price.

Allows to monitor your sound input prior to and during recording; block unwanted AGC noise from the camera by overriding the camera's built-in Automatic Gain Control (AGC); or record external audio without needing to be attached to your DSLR or video camera.

It has two microphone inputs so you can capture multiple audio channels at once.



Product Specification


Input impedance per channel: 47kΩ

Output impedance – Mixer output to camera: 200Ω

Output impedance – Mixer output to smartphone: 100Ω

Input signal maximum per channel: 4mV

Mixer gain: 1V/V

Mixer frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz, ±3dB

Mixer noise RTI: 70nV/sqrtHz

CMRR: 80dB

Signal polarity: Non Inverted

Blocker frequency: HF in-audible

Blocker output level: 2mV

Blocker enable/disable: Slide switch

Blocker output: Tip of TRS

Output jack to camera, signal and blocker signal: 3.5mm TRS

Headphone amplifier output power per channel: 250mW into 8Ω, 85mW into 32Ω

Headphone channel frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz, ±3dB

Headphone mix signal level control: Volume pot

Smart output jack to smartphone: 3.5mm TRRS. SmartLynk will disable smartphones’ internal microphone via auto detect function.

Headphone source select switch: Smartphone or mixer

Power: 2 X 1.5 v AAA alkaline cells

Current consumption nominal: Battery Life: >30hours

Power switch: Integrated into the mix mode switch

Mixer controls: Left & right level pots, fade to full adjust

Indicator: Power on/off

[MYMYK] SmartLynk _ Camera 2-Channel Audio Mixer

₩451,000 일반가
    • 국내 배송비 무료(단, 도서산간배송(제주지역) 추가 운송비 4,000원)
    • 택배사 : 한진택배 
    • 배송기간 : 주문 후 1~2일이내 출고 가능
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