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가장 전문적인 카메라 지원 장비 제조업체 중 하나인 SEEDER는 방송산업을 위한 manual and robotic pedestals/crane and pan/tilt heads 에 중점을 둔 카메라 지원 장비를 제공합니다.

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1. Professional start-stop anti-shake technology.
2. AI generate trajectory, achieve diversity curvilinear motions.
3. Absolute value encoders are used to record position data, one-time calibration.
4. Automatically adjust the delay of pan and tilt according to the delay data detected from the camera.
5. Output Free-D data through both RS422 and UDP.
6. Can be controlled by third part equipment via TCP/IP network protocol.
7. Automatically track major object when the crane moves.
8. Automatically focus adjust even when the camera run at non wide-angle situation.
9. Optical anti-collision technology.
10. Tracking date can be continuously output by free-d protocol when the crane operation model changed between automatic and manual.

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